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UML Blackboard: The Features of Online Courses and Learning

UMass Lowell (UML) offers a variety of online course formats, including 100% online, live online, and hybrid courses. These courses are available for undergraduate and graduate students and cover a range of subjects, including Liberal Arts, Psychology, and Information Technology.

In addition, the UML Catalog search function allows students to filter online course offerings by duration (8-week, 10-week, and full term), level (graduate or undergraduate), location (online, live online, on-campus, hybrid, virtual, off-campus), and semester. As of the search date, the catalog lists 592 online courses available in Spring 2023.

It is important to note that UML makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information presented on its website. Still, checking with UML’s official website is advisable to confirm the most up-to-date information on online courses and learning opportunities.

Benefits of Online Course

  1. The freedom to learn whatever you want
  2. The comfort of learning from your own home
  3. Ability to work a job while you study
  4. They offer ultimate convenience and flexibility
  5. Earn bonus points for your resume
  6. Reduced education costs
  7. Online classes provide more flexibility to incorporate multiple learning styles
  8. Many employment opportunities require an undergraduate degree or higher, which can be obtained through online classes.
  9. Flexibility in terms of scheduling and location
  10. Access to a wider range of courses and programs
  11. Self-paced learning
  12. Ability to balance other responsibilities while pursuing education
  13. Reduced costs associated with commuting and on-campus housing
  14. Potential for increased interaction and collaboration with classmates and instructors
  15. Availability of a wide range of educational resources
  16. Potential to gain technical skills and proficiency with various tools and software.

One of the key features of UML Blackboard is that it provides access to all classes in one platform instance. Students only need to log in to one location to access all of their course materials, assignments, and communication tools. This can make it easier for students to navigate and stay organized, especially if they are taking multiple online courses simultaneously.

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UML Blackboard also offers a range of tools and resources to support online learning. For example, students can use the platform to access course materials, view lectures and videos, participate in discussions, and submit assignments. Instructors can use Blackboard to post announcements, create quizzes and exams, and track student progress.

Additionally, Blackboard offers a range of collaboration and communication tools, such as discussion boards, chat, and email. These tools can create community and engagement among students, even in an online learning environment.

Two teams support the Learning Management System: Graduate, Online & Professional Studies (GPS) for fully online, summer, winter intersession, and graduate courses (hybrid, virtual, and in-person). This means that students have access to a dedicated support team that can help with any technical or logistical issues related to the use of Blackboard.

In addition, UML offers a variety of online course formats, including 100% online, live online, and hybrid courses. This means that students can choose the format that best suits their learning style and schedule. 100% of online courses are self-paced and can be completed entirely online, live online courses are conducted in real-time with the instructor and other students, and hybrid courses combine online and in-person instruction.

One of the benefits of UML Blackboard is that it allows students to access course materials and communicate with instructors at any time, from any location. This can be especially beneficial for students who have busy schedules or live far from campus. Also, UML Blackboard can help reduce commuting and on-campus housing costs.

In conclusion, UMass Lowell’s Blackboard system is excellent for delivering online courses and facilitating online learning. It provides students with access to all their course materials in one place and offers a wide range of tools and resources to support student learning.

Additionally, the dedicated support teams for the LMS and the flexibility of online course formats can make the online learning experience more enjoyable for students. With UML Blackboard, online learning is made easy and accessible, making it a great option for students who want to continue their education while balancing other responsibilities.

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Student Support

  • Toll-Free: 800-480-3190
  • Phone: 978-934-2467
  • Email:
  • Web page:

Mailing Address

University of Massachusetts Lowell
Division of Graduate, Online & Professional Studies
839 Merrimack Street
Lowell, MA 01854

If you decide to enroll in the course, you must log in to UML Blackboard first. You can pay the course fee and then enroll after login.

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